Sunday, August 06, 2006

No More Diet Coke

Despite my previous withdrawals of Diet Coke, my renewed attempt to stay of the caffeine seems to be working. However I still indulge in green tea, but I reckon that's significantly less likely to be a major (maybe not even a minor) factor in living.

More projects are on the way, and I'm attempting to readjust my sleep pattens to be more aligned with those when I was younger, hopefully this in itself will help me to be more productive.

Also, for the first time in a while I hope to complete several projects, including a music composition, and hopefully a few presentable photo sets. This may seem irrelevant but I still need to find a good pair of 'pirate boots' in England, maybe I need to look further afield perhaps?

My website hopefully, will be updated in the coming weeks, and will be a hopefully a much larger hub of information and media when finished.

And of course, this 'blog' should receive much more regular updates now...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Trevelyan JCR updates

The website updates (for the JCR website) have seemed to go well, most of the stuff should be ready for the next term (including a wiki :-)).

Unfortunately I think I've 'wasted' my holiday time, I can account for some of it, but I'm not sure I've spent my time well. But as long as the exams go well, I don't mind :-)

Compiling HOL Light With OCaml

Just a quick note, if you are trying to compile HOL Light 2.10 and you are getting the error messages:

"cp pa_j_`ocamlc -version`.ml || cp
cp: No such file or directory
ocamlc -c -pp "camlp4r pa_extend.cmo q_MLast.cmo" -I +camlp4
File "", line 295, characters 28-30:
Warning Y: unused variable eb.
File "", line 308, characters 28-30:
Warning Y: unused variable eb.
File "", line 375, characters 25-27:
Warning Y: unused variable ep.
File "", line 557, characters 18-19:
Warning Y: unused variable s.
File "", line 646, characters 28-30:
Warning Y: unused variable ep.
File "", line 910, characters 12-15:
Warning Y: unused variable loc.
File "", line 922, characters 12-15:
Warning Y: unused variable loc.
File "", line 886, characters 0-1:
Unbound value _loc
make: *** [pa_j.cmo] Error 2"

Well, copy the file to, and it should work... you should be able to run make as documented.

My tip to myself today is: "read the error messages carefully" :-)

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Aftermath of the Second term of the Second Year, of the Second Decade

Despite the title, it's has been very busy this term, from silly amounts of coursework needing to be submitted in the last day of term to the SEG (Software Engineering Group(s)) work. Of course apart from the actual work, there was the College stuff that needed doing. Fortunately I managed to keep most of my sanity, but I feel I probably spent too much time at corridor junctions trying to figure out where I was headed/meant to be. :-)

The work has gotten more interesting I believe, and with luck I'll be able to do the exams when they come up, but I'll have to see I suppose :-) (I just realised I seem to have a smile every paragraph...)

I'm still however trying to find the time to play Myst IV, especially upon my finding out that Myst V is out, last autumn in fact! But wih luck this holiday, despite the amount I should be doing I'll find time to play some games (some interactive fiction too if I'm lucky :-) ).

Facebook, is what I'd call a clever piece of software, addictive is another word I'd associate it with, the ability to spend hours procrastinating is a marvel indeed! I feel that it could die down in popularity by next year though, but if enough first years keep using it in Freshers week it should keep going strong (until the next fad :-) ).

So this break should involve me doing a fair bit of revising (soon hopefully...) and web-site related work, and teaching, and general admin. With luck I should be able to have some free time :-)

The Disadvantage of Having a Lot of E-Mail Accounts

Well, I've got my access to the blog back, once again, I must stress the importance of remembering which e-mail addres you use to start these things, otherwise if you you forget your password, doubt your username, and are forgetful you may have a problem coming up... :-)

So I hope to post a more interesting post soon... (I mean it!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More books...

Well, despite having too much to do really, I've started reading "101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life" by Roger-Pol Droit. It's quite interesting, and even though I've read only a little of it I recommend it to anyone interested in the feeling/philosophy of life in new ways. However if you are familar with different forms of meditation (or at least have read about it) you may find it's quite familar. But definiately I find it interesting :-).

But I have done more behind the scenes of the Trevs website, so hopefully the changes will be ready for the next term back in Durham. Of course, no guarantees, but I'll do what I can :-) Haskell and C++ continue at a slow plod, but at least I am progressing, filling in gaps mainly, but at least the basics are there now... either that or my goals are too high! :-D

Still forming ideas about the design of the new site, it's going to be interesting... I hope, and easy to use too (again, I hope!). I should write more lists about what I have to do, or maybe I'll never finish anything! :-)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

(Winter) Assignment Simliar Stuff

Well, I've finally decided to get going on my 'holiday' work.

The Haskell assignment remains shelved until I feel I've 'mastered' the language... well I'm going to get the mid to advanced fundementals and work through a mini project and then assemble the assignment. In a way I do like Haskell, even if it's whitespacing and such conventions seem to be (at the moment) annoying.

The C++ work, well I need to focus on templates and classes, but my knowledge of C currently should be enough to get a pass on the test... I think... :-)

The Trevs website stuff is mostly succeeding, but I'd really like to finish the required stuff soon, rather than leave until the last minute, but what general website stuff I've done so far seems quite good... well fairly correct at least :-)

Unfortunately I haven't got as much reading as I would have liked done, nor have I done any filing... but a week should be quite a bit of time to get this stuff done... the real quesiton is "do I have enough caffeine?"

I have a few ideas about updating my own website soon though... with luck it may look even better than before!

But now I really should return to my Haskell work... but next week by the way if you don't know... there is a (well highly likely) possibility of new Apple hardware! :-)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Newish Home

Well, I've decided to move away from my custom code for my blog, and have moved to Google's blogger... should I be worried?

But with this new blog, hopefully great things are coming, and I'll update the rest of the website soon!